Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's Your Price?

How much is your time worth? How much would someone have to pay you for the pleasure of being in your company?

Okay, let me ask you this: Would you go out with a guy you really weren't attracted to or even interested in if he PAID you say - a hundred bucks?

That's the premise behind the website According to the site: " provides the platform for generous members to bid on a first date with attractive members. By offering a little incentive, attractive members are more inclined to take a risk on someone who isn’t their usual type, and if the date goes sour, at least they won’t be going home empty handed."

The average price a generous person pays to go out with an attractive person is $100. The most someone paid to go out with an attractive person was $3,000.

I heard about this site while watching an episode of Anderson, Anderson Cooper's talk show. The website's founder, Brandon Wade, said he came up with the concept because he was a nerd — a graduate of MIT — and didn't feel comfortable approaching women in bars. He felt that women would go out with him if they didn't feel like they were wasting their time - if their time was fully compensated.

hmmm. okay.

The show featured a woman who had gone out on 7 or 8 dates using the site. She said the most she received to go on a date was $350. (But two of the men she went out with ended up being married)

Anderson also featured 2 men who used the service. One man took a woman to a Prince concert - a Prince concert! (He paid a woman to go to a Prince concert with him - wow). Anyway, the other guy was 60, twice divorced who dated women between the age of 22 and 35. He's the one who shed out $3,000 to take a woman out on a date.

Basically the guys said they didn't have time, their busy schedules didn't permit them to go the traditional route of dating - so they used this site mainly because it featured better quality women than the other dating sites, they said.

The expert on the show, however, compared the site to prostitution or an escort service. But Wade insisted that sex was prohibited and emphasized that the site was for people to find a date and maybe make a lasting connection.

So, I ask - What's your price?
If someone offered you $100 to go out on a date (maybe dinner and a movie), would you go (no strings attached)?
What do you think of this site?
Would you sign up for this site?

Let me know your thoughts.

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