Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Open Marriage

In an exclusive interview with Nightline, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's second ex-wife, Marianne Gingrich, revealed how her former husband confessed that he had been having a six-year affair with a Congressional staffer (now his wife, Callista) and asked her for an "open marriage." Marianne refused and the couple eventually divorced - just a few months after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. You can read the entire article here from USA Today.

Now, this isn't a post about Gingrich's moral character - you know, how he would call his wife every night to tell her "I Love You" with his mistress in bed beside him. But I just want to know - what's the point of an "Open Marriage"? Why be married at all? Why don't you just be single and date? Do you know any couples who have an open marriage?

I guess folks do it for different reasons - to keep up appearances as a happy couple, or maybe to advance careers (or keep high-profile positions) or to avoid a nasty, costly divorce. I don't know.

What yall think?
What if your husband asked you for an "open marriage"? How would you respond? What would you say?

Let me know your thoughts.

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SingLikeSassy said...

First, let's clarify: He didn't want an open marriage, he wanted permission to stay married and be with this other woman.

Second, if my husband had asked that we have an open marriage I would be divorced just like Marianne Gingrich. That is not marriage to ME.

Other folks can craft whatever kind of marriage works for them.