Saturday, October 27, 2012

About Last Night (Part II)

A few days ago I wrote a blog about my experience at's Stir event here in the city. I told you about how I met a young man when I first got there and he bought a drink for another lady while engaged in conversation with me. (I still think that was disrespectful)

Well, as the night went on, I met several other guys. We had friendly, polite conversations. I ended the evening talking to an engineer who lived in Maryland. I'll call him "Chance."

"Hi, I'm Chance. What's your name?" he asked.
"Hi Chance. I'm Lottie."

One of his first questions was about my age.  I was turned off.
Don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age? I said.
No, really. How old are you? he asked again.
I'm not telling you my age. How old are you? I asked.
Mid-30s, he said.
So, are you going to tell me your age? he asked again.
Well, I'll just say I'm not yet 40, I said.

The conversation continued.

So where are you from? he asked.
Mississippi. What about you?
All over, he said.
All over? Where were you born? I asked.
How long have you been in this area? I asked.
I lived in Baltimore for 7 years and I moved to the
D.C. area in 2005.
You like this area? I asked.
It's cool.

Then he asked: So, do you have kids?
That's good, he said.
What about you? I asked.
No, I don't have any, he said. Do you want children?
I don't know. Maybe, I said.
You don't know. What does it say on your profile?
I think it says, "yes," "maybe," "not sure." What about you?
Yes. I want a family.
oh, okay.

Mississippi, huh? Southern girl.
Yep. I said.
That's good.
Really? Why? I asked.
Family values. Southern women have good family values.
Oh, I see.
I like your hair, he said.
Thank you, I said.
(The second compliment of the night on my hair. Who knew guys liked natural hair?)

But was he looking at my hair or my boobs? I couldn't tell.

So, I want to get to know you better. Can we meet this week? He asked.
(Probably my boobs)
Sure. I said.
What days are you available?
Weekends are good, I said.
Okay, what's your number?

I gave him my number.
I'm gonna call you. I really want to meet up with you this week. I'm serious.
(Wow. so, yeah, I think it was the boobs)
Okay, that'll be cool, I said.
We shook hands and said our goodbyes: "It was nice meeting you."

So Chance contacted me the next day (Wednesday). Points for him.
He didn't call. He text. SIGH (That was a disappointment. Do guys pick up the phone and talk anymore?)
We made plans for Friday.
He text me again on Thursday to confirm the time and place we were meeting at the next evening.

Well, we went out last night.
I'll tell you about our date in the next blog.

Holla at me...

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