Wednesday, October 24, 2012

About Last Night (Part I)

I gave up my bellydancing class last night to attend's Stir Event. It's basically an event in which the people who are on meet at a local venue for drinks and conversation. The event last night was held at a local restaurant in downtown D.C. 

I got there a little before 7:30. It was crowded. I went to the bar and was greeted by a good-looking guy (I couldn't tell if he was Black or Latino - LOL). But that didn't matter. The night was already starting off well. I ordered a drink. Dude turned to me and started talking to me. You know: how you doing, how was your day, you having a good time, your first time at one of these events, etc.

I learned that he was from Boston, lived on the West Coast for 12 years - California and Vegas - and moved to the D.C. area a year ago. He will be running the Marine Corps Marathon next week - his fifth, he said. He told me that he likes the D.C. area because it has lots of educated professional women. He got tired of dating strippers in Vegas. Oh, he's in the computer industry.

So Mr. Boston complimented me on my hair. He said he loved women with natural hair - that was a dealbreaker for him.  If a woman had a perm or weave, he said, he wouldn't date her.
Why? I asked.
Well, he said, he was all about being healthy and perms had a lot of chemicals and were harmful to your health, etc. Did you see the documentary "Good Hair" by Chris Rock? he asked. Yeah, I told him.

Mr. Boston ordered a drink and asked me if he could get me anything. I told him "no, thank you" because I was still on my first drink.

But get this: When he ordered his drink, he ordered another drink - two drinks. Now this second drink was not for him or me, but for a woman at the other end of the bar.
You read that right.
This dude was talking to me, but he ordered a drink for another woman.

I was offended. I was like "Ain't this some s$%t."

I saw him look in her direction, smile and nod about the drink he was sending her. She smiled back at him. I was done! He turned to me and said, "I was talking to her earlier."

I don't care. What nerve!

I politely held out my hand and said, "It was nice meeting you," and walked away. He said something about I'll see you later, but I barely heard him.

Don't you think that was rude? Well, I did.

What do yall think?
Holla at me...


TNDRHRT said...

Disrespectul moreso than rude. He should have waited til you left and sent the drink. What a loser.

CW W said...

Au contraire...the 'deal' had been broken(as you stated and as Mr. Boston sensed) well before the other drink was ordered. So why take offence? It was a venue to increase available singles opportunity for dating success. Mr. Boston took full advantage.

kendra said...

definitely disrespectful. don't know why cw w said the deal was broken before he ordered the other drink.

Anonymous said...

Yes it was rude but there may be different rules for online dating meet and greets.

Sharahn Thomas said...

I don't think it was rude. It would have been rude if he hadn't offered to buy you a drink as well. In addition, I think the whole idea of these meet-ups is to mix it up with a variety of people --hence the name Stir. Then after you've worked the room a bit you lock-in on one or two people you'd like to get to know further. I think it was nice that he was willing to buy more than one woman a drink! I've dated men who could barely buy their own drink let alone one for me!

Tanya B. said...

Yeah, I'm co-signing on Sharahn's post.

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