Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Over

I was listening to the radio this morning and the question of the day was "How Did You Know It Was Over?"
The stories were interesting:

One lady said she knew it was over when her date took out his gold teeth at a restaurant and put them on the table when their food came. (YUCK !)

Another said she knew her relationship was over when her boyfriend informed her that he had a baby on the way - obviously from another woman. (DAMN)

And a caller realized it was over when she dreaded the thought of getting engaged to her boyfriend. (He would drop hints about buying her a ring).

So I'm asking you: How did you know it was over? When did you realize that this relationship was not the best thing for you, that you had to leave?

Was it a betrayal?

Did you realize that you had different expectations of the relationship? (Maybe you wanted marriage and kids - and he didn't)

Maybe you caught him in a bunch of lies, his stories never added up and he was always "missing."

Did you begin to dread being around the person? (Every little thing he did or said got on your nerves)

Did you begin to avoid his calls or emails or texts because you didn't want to talk to him?

Or maybe he avoided your phone calls, emails and texts.

What about when he said something so mean and hateful and disrespectful that it was just unforgivable?

Maybe you just got fed up. He disappointed you just one time too many and you were tired of being frustrated all the time.

So I ask: When did you realize that it was over, that you absolutely had no future with this person?
I knew it was over when...

Holla at me.


Laura R. said...

I knew it was over when I realized I was so unhappy that -- even if I would be sad to be alone -- I'd be happier by myself than I would be in the awful relationship I was in at the time. It sounds simple, but that realization hit me like a thunderbolt and changed my whole life.

SingLikeSassy said...

The relationship before my marriage I knew was over when I realized that my boyfriend at the time was all he was ever going to be and had no desire to be better -- and that was not enough for me.