Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Single Woman

I was closing on the refinance of my home this morning and I caught something on one of the pages: LOTTIE JOINER, A SINGLE WOMAN.

I flipped through a few more pages and there it was again — LOTTIE JOINER, A SINGLE WOMAN.

I asked the closing agent, what is this?

I mean, I've closed on a home before and I don't ever remember seeing that - ever. Maybe I just overlooked it the first time.

"Oh, we put that so no one can come in and claim your property," she said. "No one can come in and say they are married to you. We know you are the sole owner.

"We do that for men too," she assured me.

But it bothered me. I'm not quite sure why. But it did.

Later on today, a writer asked me if I knew any couples she could interview for an article on dating. She wanted an African American couple under 40 who was not married yet, but dating, in a relationship.

I thought for a second; of my close circle of friends I couldn't think of one who was in a relationship. Sure, I know folks who are married. I know people who date every now and then. But I couldn't think of one person, not one, who was currently in a serious relationship, dating someone for a length of time.



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uneek said...

WOW - Single Women! What is this saying? Are African American women losing in the area of dating? Are our stakes too high or are we too high for our stakes? I have been in a relationship for over 3 months (I know this is not long)but besides him not having a college degree, he has every other thing I asked for. We have spent every weekend together. I am in the clouds right now because I can't imagine it being better! As the old saying says - Don't overlook the forest for the trees!