Friday, October 7, 2011

Searching for Mrs. Huxtable

So last night on the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti was trying to find love for a 38-year-old Nigerian businessman. Ayinde was a former professional volleyball player who currently owns a successful radio internet company.

This was his second time using Patti's service. He didn't think his first match was intelligent enough. So he was back again determined to find his "Mrs. Huxtable."

Ayinde explained that he wanted someone who had beauty AND intelligence AND personality.

"I deserve a 10 on the inside and a 10 on the outside," Ayinde told Patti. "I want the 'AND' not the 'Or.' (beauty and brains, not beauty or brains)

Patti asked the entrepreneur what were the top 3 things he was looking for. He said: 1) intellectual curiosity 2) spiritual, but not religious 3) business acumen.

Check out their conversation here:

So Patti set Ayinde up on 5 mini dates. They were all gorgeous. Most had college degrees. I believe the majority had their own business.

Ayinde asked each young lady where she attended school and her occupation. He asked one if she had read The Autobiography of Malcolm X. She hadn't. He asked another if she spoke any foreign languages. (He speaks 8).

He didn't choose the one who went to Brown University or the one who went to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill or the young lady who attended Texas A&M. He chose someone whose favorite movie was Zoolander.

Anyway, they go on their date and he gives her low marks because she isn't "established" enough. (She owns an aromatherapy cleaning service). He also didn't think she was down to earth.

Ayinde is ultimately disappointed, not having found his Mrs. Huxtable. He tells Patti her service doesn't work. She is pissed. Check out their exchange here:

Okay this is the thing: Ayinde needs to save his money and stop using Patti's service. He should leave California and move to D.C. I can introduce him to PLENTY of women who meet his requirements: smart, beautiful, down to earth. There are more than enough qualified candidates here in the nation's capital.

With the number of single, college-educated professional Black women out there (hasn't he read any of the articles in the past 2 years), why do you think Ayinde hasn't found his "Mrs. Huxtable?"

Let me know your thoughts.

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SingLikeSassy said...

I watched that episode, too.

why do you think Ayinde hasn't found his "Mrs. Huxtable?" <-- Cause he's an asshole. *slams gavel*