Sunday, July 8, 2012

An Arranged Marriage

I was going to write about forgiveness tonite, but I started watching this show on TLC called Getting Married to the Moonies and you know when I find something interesting I want to share it. Anyway, the show follows three couples who were matched by their parents, all followers of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. One of the couples features a young lady from London who was matched with a guy from Korea who speaks very little English. The were matched just three days before their wedding.

The couples participate in a mass wedding of 2,000 brides whose marriages are blessed by their messiah. They are suppose to be "pure" when they wed and have to practice 40 days of abstinence after the mass wedding.
Check out this piece on the Huffington Post about the TLC documentary.

One of the parents on the show talk about how the process is less about physical attraction and more of a "commitment to marriage." During the ceremony I hear words like "true love" and "soul mates" from strangers who met just a couple of months or a couple of days before. They all pledge to become "true" husband and wife. According to the show, the divorce rate among Moon followers is only 17 percent.

Dating is hard —the disappointment, the lies, the inconsistency.  It seems that in an arranged marriage you're dating while you're married. You know, you're getting to know each other after you've said your vows. interesting...

So I ask: Would you consider an arranged marriage? Why or Why not? Would you trust your parents or your family to match you with a good partner? Why or Why not?

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TNDRHRT said...

No arranged marriages for me. May work for someone in their 20s, but no one is choosing my husband for me.