Friday, June 3, 2011

That's It - I'm Moving

A few minutes ago, a friend sent me this Bloomberg article:
'Intellectual Meat Market’ Makes Washington Long Odds for Single Women.

The story looks at the latest Census Data noting that, "Washington has the highest ratio of women to men compared with all 50 states -- 112 females for every 100 males." It also found that "among residents between ages 20 and 39… women outnumber men by 13,716, up from about 6,000 a decade ago."

The odds get worse as you get older. One guy noted in the article that he flirted everywhere, "Dating, in general, is pretty much ours to lose," he said. (LOL !!!)

Anyway, a 30-something African American woman in the piece revealed that she dated throughout her 12 years in D.C., but usually "didn’t fit the power-couple image sought by many of her dates." I can relate.

She moved to New York three years ago. She's now engaged.

I know several folks who found love once they left this area. I've been talking about moving for a long time, but I would always use the bad real estate market as an excuse. It's time to stop talking.

But where would I go?



TNDRHRT said...

I really don't want to leave DC because I love the area. However, am I risking not getting married if I stay? *shrugs* I just know I need to date more, but if guys aren't ready to settle down, where does that leave me? And, yeah, to where would I move

SingLikeSassy said...

I think moving forces you to get to know new people and do new/different things and that's how people end up boo'd up.

Got to New Orleans! Warm weather, good food, great music! Lower cost of living!

Or Houston/Dallas. Seems like there's a thriving black middle class in that area.