Monday, June 13, 2011

Facebook Friends?

Ever since the Weiner scandal broke a couple of weeks ago, a lot of attention is being given to the role of social media in destroying relationships.

Do you remember the Michigan man who broke into his wife's email and found out she was cheating on him? (He was later jailed for hacking.)

So I have a couple of questions for you today:

1) Do you care who your husband or significant other "friend" on Facebook?

2) Would you want to know who all his "Friends" were — checking his account, reading his status updates, see who he's direct messaging?

3) What about Twitter? Would you mind if your husband or significant other "tweeted" suggestive, flirty or sexy things to another woman?

4) If the two never meet in person, is "sexting" considered cheating?

5) What constitutes cheating when it comes to social media?

6) If a married man flirts with a woman other than his wife on social media, is he committing adultery?

Let me know your thoughts.

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