Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Necessary and Extraordinary

I need to grow some balls.

I mean I'm a nice person. I'm polite. I avoid confrontation and conflict. I am sensitive to others' feelings and needs. I play well with others. I agree - even when I disagree.

I'm a good girl. Employers like folks like me. I'm not demanding. I show up to work on time. I do a great job. I don't start mess or into a lot of drama. I respect my elders, and my bosses. I don't complain. I am reliable and responsible. I work hard, often going above and beyond.

But none of this has yielded me what I want or believe I deserve.

I learned from a broadcast veteran last week, that in today's competitive job market you have to be bold in your decision-making (because of course only you are responsible for your career). But she mentioned something else that struck a chord. In order to be successful in your fight, you have to be necessary and extraordinary.

Necessary and extraordinary.

Do you think you're NECESSARY at your job? Could things still get done if you were gone? Would the place shut down if you were not there?

What about extraordinary? Are you the best at what you do or are you replaceable? Could someone come in and do the same thing you do?

I realized over the weekend that those who don't take any sh$t are the ones who go places, while people like me hope that our talent (and good work ethic) is recognized - and maybe rewarded.


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SingLikeSassy said...

Currently, I am neither necessary OR extraordinary at my gig but I am also over it and looking for new opportunities. I think there is something to be said for being challenged and feeling like you are learning something new and growing. I think when you are getting the stimulation that you need from a gig, you then make yourself "necessary and extraordinary."

That said, while I think it can be valuable to just stand still and listen, I am never waiting for someone to recognize I'm a star and pluck me from the masses. Closed mouths don't get fed and if I want something I need to ask for it or figure out a way to get it.