Wednesday, May 16, 2012

At The Crossroads

Do you feel powerless sometimes, like you have no control over certain situations - whether personal or professional - like, there's nothing you can do to change the situation?

Do you ask: Okay, what do I do now? Are you at a loss of what you should do, can do?

Do you feel that no one really understands your circumstances or what you're going through?

Hmm, is it hard to admit the fear or trepidation that accompanies your indecision or inaction?

What is your next move? How do you get to that space of happiness?

Or do you settle for what happened as what is and resign yourself to the fact that this is how it's gonna be?

At a crossroads, you can choose to go that way or that way - do I do this or do I do that? (you can get with this or you can get with that) You can also choose to stay here (x marks the spot) and do nothing. 

It's so easy to stay where you are  -  in this space, at this place (or is it?) Just don't get run over by the train...

holla at me.


TNDRHRT said...

I experience fear and anxiety from time to time regarding life situations. My fault in this is that I procrastinate. I don't take action until things are crucial or I'm pushed against the wall. Not good. Not good. How do I alleviate this feeling? Knowing that once I tackle whatever it is I'm dealing with, will reward me with a good feeling. Yes, it's sometimes difficult going through whatever it is I'm going through, but I know the reward is greater once I've gotten to the other side. On the flip side, sometimes the journey is what puts a smile on my face because I'm actually conquering my fears and pushing through life's roadblocks.

SingLikeSassy said...

When my marriage was falling apart, I felt powerless. The only time in that situation where I HAD power was when I filed for divorce. But, you cannot control another person.

Infertility can sometimes make you feel powerless.

However, generally, I'm fairly proactive because I hate to have to make decisions when I am in a corner and my options are limited.

But sometimes, you need to be still and listen so that you know where to go/what to do next. Being still is only a problem if you are stuck.

Sherri said...

I believe the first step is learning to be happy where you are. No matter the direction you choose in life there will always be some issue - always. To me, there is no such thing as greener grass, it's just how you see your space. All you can do is do what's best for you and the rest will fall in place.