Monday, April 30, 2012

I Take Responsibility For

I subscribe to the blog Positively Positive and about once a day I get something uplifting, encouraging or inspiring in my inbox. Last week, contributor Jennifer Pastiloff wrote a blog about responsibility. She said she encourages her yoga students to get a journal and write the sentence "I take responsibility for..." and they have to complete the sentence, or sentences. Read the entire post here.

So I tried it.
I take responsibility for - my health.
I take responsibility for - my procrastination.
I take responsibility for - the clutter in my home.
I take responsibility for - my romantic choices.
I take responsibility for - my professional choices.
I take responsibility for - my lack of action.
I take responsibility for - my financial future.

Wow, that was pretty liberating (makes me wanna go clean up my room and throw out those brownies I bought yesterday — LOL).

Pastiloff reminds students to not be so hard on themselves and take responsibility for some of the good things they've done in their lives — "your awesomeness" she says.

But she also notes that it's important to NOT take responsibility for things you're not responsible for. For example, after years of guilt she no longer takes responsibility for her dad dying.

The exercise can be difficult, but it really puts things in perspective because it forces you to take a look at your life and take ownership of where you are today. It's so easy to blame someone else, outside forces, for our current situation.

So today I challenge you to write the sentence: "I take responsibility for..." and complete it.

What do you take responsibility for?

What are you NOT taking responsibility for?

Holla at me.

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