Friday, November 11, 2011


As I celebrate my last year in my '30s, I can't help but to be contemplative, reflective: How did I get to this place in my life? How did I end up here?

This was not the plan for my life. But then again, there was never a plan.

I had dreams, for sure. But I never had a plan. I never knew how I was going to achieve my dreams; how I would become the person I wanted to be.

That's how I ended up here. I guess when you don't have a plan you just take what life offers you.

I'm not proud of all the decisions I've made, professionally or personally.

But I'm here now. So what do I do?

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TNDRHRT said...

You change where you are now. You don't wait for something to happen to do it. All you have is now...use that time to make a change. :)