Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Test Run

So, what if you went out on a date with a guy - your first date - and he left his wallet at home? What would you do? Would you offer to pay for dinner (how else are you guys gonna get out of the restaurant - lol)?

Would you be upset, pissed off? Would you think he left it on purpose because he was cheap?

Okay, now - What if you found out later that he was only testing you to see how you would react? What if he confesses that he only did that to see if you were a gold-digger?

How would you feel?

Let me know your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

No tests like that on the first date. Maybe the third. Tests don't come until you realize you actually want another date. I would have paid and ended the date early. Maybe even taken a cab. Good night!

TNDRHRT said...

I wouldn't think that was a funny test. Dude has issues if he thinks that's the way to determine if a woman wants him or his money. I would think he was cheap if he said he forgot his wallet on the first date. I would have paid, but there would be no more dates.

Anonymous said...

I would only believe it if he gave back the money when he confessed.

SingLikeSassy said...

If you forget your wallet on date one, I am prolly paying for my meal and letting you sort your situation out with the establishment as I would think this was some kinda scam.

See how playing games can backfire on you?

As for golddigging, I am a regular chick with regular ish. If a dude looks at my stuff and decides I am a gold digger completely ignoring the fact that I go to work everyday, then he can take his ass on back to them lame birds he's been dealing with. Bye.